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What to Know Before Visiting the Bahamas

What to Know Before Visiting the Bahamas

When entering the Bahamas, you and your boat will require the regular documentation for foreign travel: this includes a permit, which is issued at your first Port of Call in The Bahamas. One year Cruising Permits are available and can be renewed annually.

Proof of Citizenship
Your crew and guests will all need either a passport or birth certificate. A drivers license is not proof of citizenship, although it may be useful for identification when cashing traveler’s checks or, of course, renting a car. (Remember, we drive on the lefthand side in The Bahamas!)

Clearing Bahamian Customs and Immigration
Upon your arrival you will be visited by Bahamas custom and immigration officers who will make a charge of $150 per vessel for each vessel 35ft and under, for up to 4 persons per boat (with an additional charge of $15 for each additional person after the first four) and $300 for each vessel longer than 35ft. for up to 4 persons per boat (with an additional charge of $15 for each additional person after the first four).   This charge will cover all your cruising permitsfishing permits, and your departure tax for the length of your stay. You need to stay with your vessel until it is cleared. On entering port, remember to hoist your yellow quarantine flag, and then call Port Lucaya on Channel 16 to let us know you will be requiring clearance. Customs and Immigration are extremely helpful and friendly.

Grand Bahama International Airport offers non-stop daily air service from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Orlando, Atlanta GA, Charlotte SC, Raleigh-Durham NC, Cincinnati OH, Cleveland OH, Richmond VA, Baltimore MD, Memphis/Nashville TN, Newark NJ, and Pittsburg PA.  Grand Bahama International is served by American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Laker Airways, USAir, and others.

Our state-of-the-art, high-speed facility features triple-filtered, water-free fuel that lets you re-fuel with confidence and efficiency.  The Fuel Station is open daily from 8:00 a.m. until midnight and has oils, detergents and other goods in stock, including bait.  We also offer a FREE pump-out facility to keep our Bahamian waters crystal clear.

One of the most respected names in yacht repair and maintenance – Bradford Marine – has opened a new facility in Grand Bahama.  Bradford can provide all of the technical support, dry docking, painting, and engineering service you would ever need.  New and repaired boat parts are now imported duty-free.

Be wise and check our Marina Office before you set off on any trips!  We have tides tables, daily weather forecasts and all other important information readily available.

Berth your yacht with us with confidence.  We are a caring company with fulltime security.

Three private clinics, a main hospital, medical consultants, an expert massage therapist, and qualified British and American-trained physicians are on-island.  Air Ambulance service can reach major South Florida hospitals in 20 minutes.  Ask us for a complete medical listing at the office.

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